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Secret Poetry

"A bridge of sounds between the Orient and Occident"

Alex Simu (RO) clarinets 
Franz von Chossy (DE) piano 
Sjahin During (TR/NL) percussion set

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Ancient musical traditions from the Middle East and Balkans are blended with jazz and contemporary improvised music through a Western frame of mind. 

Arifa’s secret lies in the creative chemistry between its three members. Coming from Romania, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany their music is just as diverse as their origins, moving from traditional Turkish and Balkan sounds to jazz and contemporary music.

Their CD ’Beyond Babylon' was released in 2010, ’Anatolian Alchemy' in 2012 and their third album “Voices from the East” in 2014. They were consecutively awarded the title "best world music release" in the Netherlands to five star reviews as well as receiving international acclaim.    

Arifa was founded in 2010. Since then they have performed in 24 countries worldwide at international festivals and venues such as the Concertgebouw, London Jazz Festival Southbank Centre, Kennedy Art Centre USA, Ethnoport Festival, Jarasum International Jazz Festival, , Jazzahead, Chicago World Music Festival, Amsterdam Roots, Bimhuis, Garana Jazz, Havana Jazz, Istanbul Akbank Festival, Shanghai World Music Festival, de Roma, Barbican’s Transcender Festival, Glatt & Verkehrt Festival, BBC Broadcasting House London.    

They have collaborated in the past with such amazing artists as Aynur Doğan, Arto Tunçboyacıyan, Theodosii Spassov, the Gypsies of Rajasthan featuring Laka Khan and the Voices from the East featuring musicians from China, Korea, Iran & Bulgaria, that resulted in concerts, recordings and tours.

Although Arifa is based in the Netherlands, this quartet truly matches the spirit of the European Jazz Meeting with its members originally hailing from Romania, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany. Their music is just as diverse as their origins, moving from traditional Turkish and Arabic orient sounds to jazz and classical music. Arifa’s inspired arrangements and inventive compositions create an intense, radiant atmosphere. Jazzahead 2013